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Qiyuan Zhao (赵启元)

In case you are interested in how to pronounce my name … “Qiyuan Zhao” is the Chinese Pinyin form of my name. In Pinyin, the “Qi” part pronounces like the “chi” part of “chip”; the “Zh” part pronounces like the “dr” part of “draw”; the “ao” part pronounces like the “ow” part of “now”.

Ph.D. student at VERSE lab, School of Computing, National University of Singapore

I have worked in the general field of programming languages, formal methods and software engineering. That said, I decide to focus my research in my Ph.D. on programming language theory, and formal verification (using automated/interactive theorem provers).

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For the full list of my publications, please refer to my Google scholar page or my CV.




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Note: I decide to update this section periodically, probably every 1-2 weeks? Or every 1-2 months? I don’t know; it just depends.

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